Deciding to write a Travel Bucket List

I have always been the type of person that loves to travel. I am also the kind of person that loves to relax, be cosy and not go outside, but really, who isn’t sometimes? But  something I tend to spend a lot of time doing (really, a lot of time) is googling and planning out trips, holidays and adventures that I can’t realistically go on. Sky scanner and AirBnB have sort of become my best friends. I have this overwhelming need to travel and all I want to do is see the world, visit new places, try new things, and just explore!

I recently read an article by travel blogger Sierra Donahue for the Huffington Post where she explains why she doesn’t have a travel bucket list. She says it makes travelling into “some sort of obligatory checklist”, that it’s something to complete rather than to enjoy. I see where she’s coming from-for some people. But for me it’s completely the opposite! It was a very interesting read, but it made me want to shake her and scream “no!” Travelling can be the most rewarding and enjoyable thing you can ever do! Something like that can only become a chore if you let it! My bucket list for me personally is  not a To-Do List. It is there to remind me of my dreams, of the wonders of the world and of all of the things I want to do! It’s not a plan, or a timetable or a list of chores! It helps me get out of bed in the morning, knowing everyday I am one step closer to doing the things I want to do. It gives me purpose and puts things into perspective when I need it most.

So, for that reason I have decided that I am going to write down the bucket list that I’ve had spinning around in my head, a list of all(well-most) of the things I dream of doing all around the world throughout my life. To have it down on paper and to remind me everyday of the wonderful things that exist in the world. Considering I am taking a Gap Year right now, I really hope to do some of them in the next few months, but if you’ve read my last post, then you might know that it doesn’t look likely for me to be travelling around the world solo anytime soon. I don’t want to make all my posts about my mental health, but really, having a panic attack in the middle of a market in a country where I don’t speak the language isn’t something I plan on doing. What I do plan on doing this year is pacing myself and getting better, stronger and more prepared for an exciting future ahead of me, maybe fitting in some short trips along the way.

So like I said, I have decided to write down a bucket list and organize my thoughts. I’m in the process of writing it at the moment, and hope to add it to my blog later this week (I’ll post a link to it on here), to maybe inspire other people to write one, or actually go on their adventures! It has been insanely fun researching all of my dream destinations, I would definitely recommend it, it’s such a fun thing to do!

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Daniela x
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3 thoughts on “Deciding to write a Travel Bucket List

  1. Alexis says:

    I wrote one such list once but I think these days when I think if where to go, I look at the hiking spots first. Maybe I should write a bucket list specifically for hiking trails.


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