What is the point of a ticket collection machine?

I’m currently sitting alone on a fairly long train journey. And pretty bored for that matter. I figured I would use this time to write a little post about train stations and technology, because…why not?

Yeah I’m still not convinced it’ll turn out interesting but still I will continue. It’s a bit of a rant really.

So basically, I have to say that my journey this morning did not get off to a brilliant start. The very minute I walked up to the ticket collection machine at the station there was a power cut. On a sunny Saturday morning  with no explanation. And the man at the ticket office could literally not have cared any less.

There were about four of us running around a like lunatics trying to print tickets out of thin air with 3 minutes to go until our train arrived. One girl was actually crying. And yes, I know I should have collected the tickets earlier but you live and you learn.

In the end I just got on the train without my tickets and now I’m half convinced they’ll turn me away when I get off but I guess I’ll have to deal with that later!

My point though, is a simple one. What is the bloody point of a ticket collection machine? It makes sense as a quick extra if the people behind the glass are busy but if it’s literally the only option, what is the point?

If it’s not working then it just causes more hassle than good. And makes girls cry, apparently. To be fair, I completely get her, I was worried we wouldn’t be let on the train.

But seriously, how in 2016 are there electronic ticket machines with no back up option? They’re great when they work, but surely someone would be clever enough to think of a backup machine? Or at least a plan of action for when they stop working?

Instead, everyone got a little flustered and the ticket man waved is arms around yelling ‘what can I do? It’s not my fault!’  And it wasn’t his fault. But come on, no back up plan?

I’ve just found out that they’ve now called ahead to explain what has happened, so that’s a start. But my point still stands. Machines are not always better than people.

We all know how it goes at Tesco at the self-checkout. “MY ITEMS ARE IN THE BAGGING AREA. YES I DID SCAN THAT. NO STOP, I DONT WANT 60 APPLES.” And so on.

But see, I’m not complaining, really, just venting.  I could never build a machine like that, they’re pretty brilliant at times, but man can they be annoying.

If you can tell, I didn’t plan this post before I wrote it and it just sort of spewed out. I’ve sort of not quite made my mind up on self service machines but all I do know is they didn’t help me today.

Rant over.

Thanks for reading, I hope it wasn’t too much of a weird rambling mess! If you liked this post, please follow!

Daniela x

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