(Not Quite) Ready To Go!

Hello everyone (or no-one…depends if anyone reads this), so originally I had started to write this at about 9pm as I was running around frantically trying to pack my bags for my trip to Iceland tomorrow. Hence the title being “not quite” ready to go.

However, I ended up abandoning the post to continue packing and getting ready. So here I am 4 hours later, finally in bed and practically ready to go. I have to be up in 5 hours to catch a train to another train to a plane but my nerves/excitement are keeping me up.

And so now I will ramble on about something vaguely interesting that happened to me today. Emphasis on ‘vaguely’. I feel like it’s a kind of ‘you had to be there’ moment. We’ll see how it goes.

So anyway this funny thing happened to me  today (not funny ‘ha-ha’). Our shower has been broken all week so the plumber spent the day fixing it. I was so happy as I had waited all week to wash my hair (don’t judge me) because our temporary ‘garden hose in the bathroom’ shower wasn’t powerful enough for a hair-wash.

So cut to 12am when I can finally take a shower after running around all day packing and tidying like an insane person, and as I finally step into the shower-I break it. 

I broke the shower.

The shower is now broken.

Again. Again.

Twice in one week.

I was mid-wash about to finally use some shampoo and I heard a crack. Somehow (and I really don’t know how) I managed to crack or snap some part of the shower and it started beeping at me and a red light started flashing.  Ahhhhh.

This is not what I need before my flight tomorrow. I’m incredibly anxious as it is, the last thing I wanted was to have dirty ratty hair.

Long story short I ended up having to use the bloody garden hose. The irony hurts.

It hurts.

Reading that back, it really wasn’t that interesting. I’m half asleep right now so please forgive me.

On another note I am super excited for my trip tomorrow and I’m planning on writing a whole bunch of blog posts about it, especially some posts sharing my photos of the trip with my DSLR(which I bought an amazing new lens for, by the way).

I might not post them until I get back next week though as I am planning on writing some good content with structure and interesting anecdotes rather than just some midnight ramblings!

But for now, goodnight world, if you liked this at all follow my blog or like this post!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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