Visiting the Land of Ice and Fire

So… I really haven’t been keeping too loyal to this blog, have I? I know most of you have obviously missed me. I mean, how can you go on without my blogs in your life, right?

Well anyway, a couple of weeks ago I spent an amazing 8 days in Iceland with my friend Ester, who is in fact Icelandic herself. Together we spent half of the week road tripping around almost the entire coast of the country. It was without a doubt an insanely memorable experience, the kind of experience that is almost impossible to put into words. But I shall try.DSC_0732

I had hoped to write a post about my trip to Iceland a few weeks ago, either whilst I was there or right after I got back but I never found enough time to actually get it done! But here I am now, and the first thing I have to say is this:

Put Iceland on the top of your bucket list immediately.


Asbyrgi Canyon



Snow-capped mountains

I mean come on…



Seriously, if Iceland isn’t on your bucket list, it really should be. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Okay so, I’m not super into Game of Thrones (don’t hurt me)  but I have seen enough of it to know why they use Iceland as a filming location. I mean, the book series is literally called ‘A song of Ice and Fire’. And Ice and Fire is what  you will see in Iceland no doubt (to some extent at least, allow for some poetic licence here).

During our road trip we saw snow-capped mountains, bubbling hot springs, glaciers, molten rock, waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and even ash-coated Icebergs (which kind of sound paradoxical but I assure you they are real).  The landscape is ever-changing and never boring.


Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon 

I took an unnecessary amount of photos on the trip (annoying tourist style), snapping my camera at anything and everything because I didn’t want to ever forget what I was seeing. Plus, I knew that no-one would believe me when I tried to explain just how breathtaking it is. When I say breathtaking, I mean breathtaking. Like literal, jaw-dropping air leaving my lungs, cannot do anything but stare in awe – breathtaking.

So I think I’ll leave this post at that and let you shuffle off to buy some tickets to Iceland while I finish off some other Iceland related blog posts I have been planning.

I hope you liked this post, Iceland truly was an unforgettable experience. Nature does something to you that is unexplainable.  It gives you this fresh, new, wonderful perspective on life that sometimes you really need.

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Daniela x


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