Self Care Day 2

So I’ve somehow already managed to fail with this project considering today is actually day 3 and I didn’t write a post yesterday! But oh well, it’s not meant to be complicated or stressful, so it doesn’t matter. I figure I’ll just write yesterday’s post today.

Self Care yesterday looked like taking a nap in the middle of the day.

It’s a bit of a dodgy one this, because I’m someone who has for as long as I can remember not had a very good sleep pattern. Especially in the past 6 months my sleep schedule has been insane. When I was feeling at my worst at University I would literally be awake all night, in bed tossing and turning, some nights even hallucinating and having waking-nightmares. And then when it would get to 6am and I could hear alarms going off in the rooms around me, I somehow managed to start drifting off to sleep. I would then spend the whole day in bed, setting myself alarms throughout the day, kidding myself that I would wake up at 10am, then 11am, then 2pm. Until eventually I would wake up at 5pm to the sound of people coming back into the flat, returning from their busy days.

Since withdrawing from University and returning home, however, I have managed to get back to having a semi-normal sleep pattern. Some may even call it a normal one. Success. I mean, yeah, some nights I really can’t get to sleep until 4am but it’s not as often, and even on those days I can manage to get out of bed whilst the day is still classed as the morning. So for me, managing to get up at 7am, do busy life stuff and still manage to get a nap in during the day that doesn’t last, well, all day, is a total success for me.

I actually feel kind of proud in a weird way. I know I’m not better better, but I’m getting there. I don’t think I’m in the same place I was 8 months ago. Plus, you know,  naps are nice.  I felt nice when I woke up. I have had a very busy week and felt physically drained and exhausted and so having a nap felt like a logical thing to do. And it was. I felt rested and the nice kind of sleepy when I woke up.

So there it is, self-care for me yesterday looked like taking a nap in the middle of the day. Today, I think self care will look like spending time with my mum. I love my mum.

Daniela x

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