Life Update-Hello!

Hello everyone or anyone!

(Disclaimer: This is going to be a bit of a disjointed recap updatey post thing. A flow of consciousness if you will.)

If you’ve managed to read any of my last posts you’ll know I’ve not been very dedicated to this blog! My last post  was about a month ago and it was a promise of one ‘self care’ post every day…which I have not done.


Well, let me tell you I’ve had a pretty hectic few weeks; I mean, hasn’t everyone? The US is not doing great, the UK (where I live) is not doing great and nothing is looking very positive on a grand scale, is it? A lot’s happened since I’ve been away from my laptop.

First I want to explain why I haven’t been writing any more self-care posts. Really it’s because it became a ‘chore’ which was the opposite of what it was meant to be! I still practice self-care everyday and I think it’s extremely important to do so, but there’s no point documenting it online ‘just because’. If you need any tips or ideas for self-care, see my first post about it here.

So anyway that’s why I abandoned that little project. Something else I’m not too proud of is that I haven’t written any more posts about my trip to Iceland. I mean, I have so many ideas so maybe I’ll do some kind of throwback, backtracking kind of post about that. I’ve been to France twice since then so I have so much to ramble on about on here!

Erm…what else? Not much else I suppose. Basically just a quick hello. I’m still alive (if anyone cares). And I’m still planning on blogging on here – hopefully more regularly now.

So again, thanks to anyone who’s reading this, If you want to see more of my posts, please follow and like 🙂

Daniela x

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