My Travel Bucket List

If you’ve read this post from ages ago, you may know I’ve been planning and writing a bucket list for quite a while now, and it has taken a lot longer than I thought it would! But it was so much fun and incredibly inspiring! I found myself researching places I had only ever heard of, and learning new things about different places all around the world. So like I mentioned in the post linked above, writing a bucket list is something I would definitely recommend. And if not,  maybe this one will inspire you to grab a backpack, buy a plane ticket and set off into the world!

So here is is – my travel bucket list – it’s not everything I want to do (I could never fit everything onto one list!), but it’s a lot of it. I’ve also added links to websites with more information on each destination. Some are official websites of certain cities, some are specific resorts I would love to go to, and others are just some great blogs or even wiki-pages with great information about different parts of the world.

I must admit, I had planned to write a short paragraph on each place I want to visit, but the list grew so long that I just decided to link my favorite sites to each location.


Camel Trekking





North America


The Amazing Boardwalk Hotel at Disney World Orlando Resort



Easter Island

South and Central America


Cartagena, Colombia

Obviously there are a million and one other places I’d love to visit and this is just a small selection, but it was super fun to research. Dreaming about holidays and trips helps you take a break from reality and relax a little! Also, some of the places on this list are places I’ve already been to but I love them anyway and would always return!

So yeah, that’s about it! Hopefully this has inspired you to write your own list, or maybe you’ve found some new places to visit you may not have considered. If you liked this post, then feel free to follow my blog 🙂

Daniela x

*The photos in this blog are not my own and were taken from

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