University: Take 2

Hello! It’s been a while again! The past few weeks have been a blur, I started at a new University and have been getting to grips with all the new people, classes, places. It has been great, but extremely overwhelming in a multitude of ways. Everything seems new and familiar at the same time. When I decided to start this blog, my first post on here was talking about why I dropped out of The University of Exeter in January. So for me, starting  University all over again brings back a lot of memories from this time last year.

But so far so good: I absolutely love my course, I’m so excited to properly start studying Scriptwriting, and everyone seems lovely. I also really like that I’m living at home; it has its downsides, particularly socially, but overall I think it’s what I needed to do. Plus I don’t have to pay rent, so there’s that!

So yeah, this is just a short post, just for my own sake, to make sure I keep up with this blog! As a writer, I want to make sure I put myself out there and practice writing everyday in some form or another. Something one of my lecturers suggested this week is getting into the habit of free-writing for at least 5 minutes everyday in order to generate ideas, so I’ve started doing that too!

I’ve also started watching a lot of short films recently, and I’m getting addicted! Plus, one of my assignments is to write a little  review of at least one short film per week, so I’ve decided I’ll start uploading them on here. This week I reviewed one of my all-time favourite short films ‘La Luna’. It’s a wonderful Disney-Pixar short film that I highly recommend, and I’ll be uploading my review shortly 🙂

But until then, goodnight!

Daniela x

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