Let’s Talk About Self Care

Hello again dear readers. Today I have decided to write a blog post about self-care for good mental health. Self care is something that everyone should incorporate into their daily lives, whether they are depressed or not in order to maintain a balanced and healthy mind. Or at least to aim for a balanced and … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Self Care


Visiting the Land of Ice and Fire

So... I really haven't been keeping too loyal to this blog, have I? I know most of you have obviously missed me. I mean, how can you go on without my blogs in your life, right? Well anyway, a couple of weeks ago I spent an amazing 8 days in Iceland with my friend Ester, who … Continue reading Visiting the Land of Ice and Fire

(Not Quite) Ready To Go!

Hello everyone (or no-one...depends if anyone reads this), so originally I had started to write this at about 9pm as I was running around frantically trying to pack my bags for my trip to Iceland tomorrow. Hence the title being "not quite" ready to go. However, I ended up abandoning the post to continue packing … Continue reading (Not Quite) Ready To Go!

What is the point of a ticket collection machine?

I'm currently sitting alone on a fairly long train journey. And pretty bored for that matter. I figured I would use this time to write a little post about train stations and technology, because...why not? Yeah I'm still not convinced it'll turn out interesting but still I will continue. It's a bit of a rant … Continue reading What is the point of a ticket collection machine?

Why I Dropped Out of University

So, as this is my first blog post, first let me say that my personal experiences with depression and anxiety are exactly that-personal to me. Everyone on this earth experiences things differently. And that's a really important thing to remember. Although there are symptoms of illnesses that people who have them can relate to, there … Continue reading Why I Dropped Out of University