My Travel Bucket List

If you've read this post from ages ago, you may know I've been planning and writing a bucket list for quite a while now, and it has taken a lot longer than I thought it would! But it was so much fun and incredibly inspiring! I found myself researching places I had only ever heard … Continue reading My Travel Bucket List

(Not Quite) Ready To Go!

Hello everyone (or no-one...depends if anyone reads this), so originally I had started to write this at about 9pm as I was running around frantically trying to pack my bags for my trip to Iceland tomorrow. Hence the title being "not quite" ready to go. However, I ended up abandoning the post to continue packing … Continue reading (Not Quite) Ready To Go!

What is the point of a ticket collection machine?

I'm currently sitting alone on a fairly long train journey. And pretty bored for that matter. I figured I would use this time to write a little post about train stations and technology, because...why not? Yeah I'm still not convinced it'll turn out interesting but still I will continue. It's a bit of a rant … Continue reading What is the point of a ticket collection machine?