Short Film Review: La Luna

So here is my first short film review. I will be writing one per week for my uni course, so I'm planning to upload them every week too. These are just my opinions, let me know if yours differ from mine, or if there are any other short films you'd recommend 🙂 Title: La Luna (Dir. Enrico … Continue reading Short Film Review: La Luna

University: Take 2

Hello! It's been a while again! The past few weeks have been a blur, I started at a new University and have been getting to grips with all the new people, classes, places. It has been great, but extremely overwhelming in a multitude of ways. Everything seems new and familiar at the same time. When … Continue reading University: Take 2

The New Jungle Book is a Cinematic Masterpiece

Last night I went to the cinema with my family and got comfortable in my seat, expecting to see a cute adaptation of a childhood favourite: The Jungle book. I had read good reviews, and was excited to see how it would turn out. What I didn't expect, however, was to see a cinematic masterpiece. The Jungle … Continue reading The New Jungle Book is a Cinematic Masterpiece