‘Whatever happened to the values of humanity?’

I didn't want to write another post about Donald Trump, especially since my last post was all about him. I feel like any moment spent on him is a moment too long, but this is about more than just him now. He is no longer simply running around offending people (which was bad enough already), he … Continue reading ‘Whatever happened to the values of humanity?’


Fresh Starts

Wow, so it’s been quite a while since I last wrote a post, but my life has been super busy and really hectic recently! I spent a few days in Oxford visiting a friend, and am now settling into a new routine at home which seems to be working out for everyone. I’ve been spending … Continue reading Fresh Starts

Why I Dropped Out of University

So, as this is my first blog post, first let me say that my personal experiences with depression and anxiety are exactly that-personal to me. Everyone on this earth experiences things differently. And that's a really important thing to remember. Although there are symptoms of illnesses that people who have them can relate to, there … Continue reading Why I Dropped Out of University